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Lessons from 30 Successful Entrepreneurs

The first book ever published covering the myriad of risks facing entrepreneurs.

Learn from 30 successful entrepreneurs who each made, and later lost $10 to $200 million.


What people are saying

“With this book, Harry Clark has given aspiring entrepreneurs a magnificent gift. By sharing stories of business failures and lessons learned from thirty entrepreneurs who made fortunes—and then lost it all—he offers invaluable advice. Don’t make the same mistakes: Learn from theirs!”
—Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
“Harry Clark’s book is riveting, harrowing, well written, and meaningful. I want to give copies to my key executives, forum members, board, and family.”
Pete Douglas, PE, President, Douglas Company
“Acquisitions can be an entrepreneur’s best friend or biggest mistake. Harry’s book speaks to the importance of taking the emotion out of the M&A world and approaching it with the proper due diligence that balances risks with opportunities. Business leaders understand learning from past mistakes can be a valuable lesson in assuring future success. Mistakes Millionaires Make supercharges this learning curve in a quick and fun read that pays back tenfold.”
Mike Dowse, President, Wilson Sporting Goods
“There is nothing more valuable to business leaders than the insights that come from hard-fought and direct experiences of peers. Drawing from his own challenges and many valuable lessons derived from the unparalleled CEO network of YPO, Harry Clark gives leaders an invaluable road map of how to save their own futures from potential losses and all-too-common mistakes. I would recommend this book for any entrepreneur or seasoned executive seeking to strengthen their perspective about success and the risks that come with it.”
McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty Insurance and International Chair of YPO
“The autographed copy is now a very special part of the LaunchPad library. I especially appreciated how relatable the stories were—inspired ideas for what to avoid and what to do. Mistakes Millionaires Make is a great combination of practical and strategic ideas—and the narrative style make the lessons stick.”
Andrea Kates, CEO, LaunchPad Central
“For over thirty years I have represented numerous successful business people and high net-worth individuals in financial crisis, including at least one identified in Mistakes Millionaires Make. Frequently, clients have said, ‘I’m going to write a book when this is over.’ Now someone has. Harry Clark has collected and distilled the experiences and lessons learned by thirty such individuals. It is a work unlike any other. I wholeheartedly recommend it to my friends, colleagues and clients, including those I have not yet met.”
Dale Schian, Bankruptcy Attorney, Schian Walker, PLC
“Mistakes Millionaires Make provides an insightful glimpse of the goblins that reside under every entrepreneur’s bed—keep the night light on!”
Bert Vivian, former Co-CEO, P.F. Chang’s

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